trade solar hot water installations

SunCity Hot Water are also major trade and wholesale hot water suppliers and installers for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island and Gympie

We offer a range of trade installation packages and styles for the small to large scale development projects, new home and renovation market.

Our popular Solar Hot Water plonk service is a big hit with builders and plumbers in the construction and renovation industry. Most new home and construction plumbers do not want to nor do they have the expertise to install solar hot water systems on roofs, SunCity hot water don’t work in trenches and most plumbers don’t want to work on roofs doing hot water heater installations

We have broken our plonk on services  down into 4 different types for split solar hot water systems

  • Plonk on, this is where we install and secure the panels to the roof , connect sensor to panels
  • Plonk on Plus tails and sensor penetrations, same as above plus the sensor cable and 1m copper pipe tails for flow and return lines through roof, sealed with dektites
  • Plonk on Plus full flow and return lines run, a complete installation all pipework and sensor cable run to the tank location, fully insulated and form 7 submitted to council
  • Complete installation, as name says a complete installation connecting to your plumbers and electricians services supplied at the tank location, council form 7 and commission system

For roof mounted, thermosyphon solar hot water systems we offer a couple of plonk on options

  • Plonk on, The panels and tank are fitted and secured to the roof in location, your plumbers and electrician connect to it
  • Plonk on plus tails, the solar hot water system installed as above and 1m copper tails through roof for the hot, cold and drain lines, sealed with dektites

We can also tailor any of our solar hot water installations to suit any requirement, project and time frames for your construction schedule

Call us on 1300 728 122 for more details on our solar hot water “Plonk On” services

The absolute best prices on the environmentally friendly Solar hot water systems and Heat pump hot water system range

Start eliminating your carbon foot print and keeping your money out of the power companies bank accounts

Solar hot water heaters and Heat pump hot water systems save you around 70-80% on hot water running costs, that equates to $750-$1000 per year in power savings, over the life of a hot water system that’s up to $12000 in savings, now who couldn’t do with that extra money in your bank. It just makes sense to save dollars
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