Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems

We are an authorised dealer for Envirosun solar hot water systems and have been working with the 100% Australian owned brand for over a decade. Contact us today for sales, installation and service.

Envirosun Hot Water Systems

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About Envirosun Hot Water Systems

Envirosun, entirely Australian-owned, designs hot water systems tailor-made for Australia’s unique climate, available through SunCity Hot Water.

We classify solar hot water systems into three types: Thermosyphon, Split Solar, and Air Sourced Solar, also known as Heat Pump. The Envirosun Thermosyphon setup, the TS Plus system, features the storage tank mounted on the roof alongside the solar panels, harnessing direct solar energy. The Split Solar, the Envirosun AS solar system, separates the components: the tank is installed at ground level or a convenient spot, while the solar panels sit on the roof.

Envirosun Hot Water Product Range

Explore the full Envirosun hot water product range at SunCity Hot Water. These cost-effective systems are one of the highest preforming and most awarded systems in Australia.

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We stock EnviroSun hot water system spare parts to promptly address your EnviroSun water heater issues in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Additionally, we have a range of EnviroSun hot water systems ready for swift installations. In most instances, we can repair and replace your hot water system on the same day you contact us.

Envirosun Hot Water System Details

Envirosun Warranty Information

Please find information about the warranties offered on Envirosun Hot Water Systems below. For the most up to date warranty information, please refer to the manufacturer’s website.

  • TS Plus Tank Warranty: 7 years
  • TS Plus Panel Warranty: 7 years
  • AS Split System Tank Warranty: 7 years
  • AS Split System Panel Warranty: 7 years

Purchasing an Envirosun or Enviroheat hot water system supports Australian business, as these are 100% Australian-owned brands.

Envirosun Hot Water System Facts

Envirosun solar hot water systems supplied and installed throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gympie and Bribie Island.

Best Envirosun solar hot water system prices and service by Authorised Envirosun warranty and dealer agent.

SunCity Hot Water have been using Envirosun products for over a decade and class this brand as the absolute best solar hot water system in the Australian market. Quality solar hot water products and a unmatched level of after sales warranty and customer service, Envirosun is 100% Australian owned and is the only true hot water manufacturer that can now claim this 100% Australian owned Envirosun Solar Hot Water.

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