This is a list of most of the hot water heater brands and what type of products they have in their range that are approved to be used and sold in Australia and a bit about them. 

Attached to each page for the brands is also brochures of the products and information, as there are 100’s of them we are still collating and adding more every week 

SunCity Hot Water is able to get nearly all the products listed here withi 24-48hrs and should they not be in our hot water system prices page, call us for details on 1300 728 122

Whilst we try to keep all the products, information and prices up to date they may change from time to time without any notice or very little notice from the suppliers

We have been in business here in South East Queensland servicing the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane region for well over 20 years and have had personal dealings with nearly every brand and type of hot water system.  Our information is honest factual and from the direct contact where we have installed and repaired these hot water systems

  • Rheem   (Electric, Gas, Solar and Heat Pumps)
  • AquaMAX  (Electric, Gas, Heat Pump and Solar)
  • Vulcan   (Gas and Electric)
  • Everhot   (Electric, Heat Pump and Gas)
  • Rinnai   (Gas, Electric, Heat Pump and Solar)
  • Envirosun   (Solar)
  • Enviroheat   (Heat Pump)
  • Dux   (Electric Solar, Heat Pump and Gas)
  • Bosch   (Gas, Solar, Electric and Heat Pump)
  • Thermann (Electric, Gas, Solar and Heat Pump)
  • Solahart   (Solar, Heat Pump and Electric)
  • Thermalec  (Electric)
  • Chromagen   (Solar)
  • Stiebel Eltron   (Heat Pump and Electric)
  • Hydrotherm   (Heat Pump)
  • Midea  (Heat Pump)
  • Quantum   (Heat Pump and Electric)
  • Edwards  (Solar and Heat Pump)
  • Saxon   (Electric , Solar and Heat Pump)
  • Solar Power  (Solar)
  • Sunrain  (Solar)
  • Thermasol   (Solar)
  • Kelvinator   (Gas and Solar)

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