We have done some homework for you on the supply and installation of electric hot water heaters, between brands there is not a great deal of difference, all systems manufactured in Australia have to be made to Australian standards, the main things to consider is the way that manufacture’s attitude is for after sales and warranty should that ever be required, spare parts availability and whether they differ from readily available parts. Below we have set out SunCity Hot Water and 2 other competitors in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area for hot water systems when providing the exact same service and all the products that are required to be installed as be QBCC regulations for Queensland and AS3500 Australian standard

  •  Hot water system, Duo Valve, Cold Water Expansion Valve, Pressure Reduction Valve, Tempering Valve, QBCC Form 4 Fees and the Disposal of old hot water tank 

The costs below are calculated by adding the costs plus the “extras” that are mandatory and not a added option, its a 100% Council regulation and Licensing requirement

SunCity Hot Water have been in business right here in south east Queensland for over 20 years

SunCity Hot Water

We include everything that is required to install to ALL state government regulations and the manufacture’s specifications for warranty, NO EXTRA costs

There are NO hidden surprises with us



Click below to see what Bunnings Do Not Include but hidden by them on their website and is required to be complaint with council and manufacture  specifications

Bunnings Hot Water Installation Extras

Sameday Hot Water

Click below to see what they Do Not Include but is listed at the bottom of their websites pages, required by QLD regulations and manufacture’s specifications

Sameday Hot Water Installation Extras

How do we do it?, We actually purchase and all our hot water systems and valves in bulk, we warehouse them and with our bulk buying we pass on the cost differences.

Hot water systems Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bribie Island and Gympie
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