Best solar hot water system prices Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Best Brands of solar hot water system available, best solar water heater prices, we’ve had experience with all the brands and here we have the best of the best and great prices

  • Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems, best by far in quality and price
  • Rinnai Solar Hot Water Systems our 2nd choice in solar hot water
  • Rheem Solar Hot Water Systems, our 3rd selection in solar hot water
  • Dux Solar Hot Water System, reluctantly our third, its a good product just a not so good company to deal with
  • Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems, good product but over priced for what they are

There are other brands of solar hot water systems we can get hold of should you have a preferred type and solar hot water manufacturer

With the solar hot water market in Australia getting smaller there has been some brands leave the solar hot water market, including big brand names like-

  • Bosch Solar Hot Water Heaters and their Solar Wizard brand
  • Kelvinator Solar Hot Water Systems, they no longer supply any hot water systems to Australia

Choosing a Solar hot water system is not as easy as you would have thought, Call us to make arrangements, advice and prices on the best solar hot water systems

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