At SunCity Hot Water our quoted prices are a ALL up price for your hot water system fully installed to meet All Council regulations.  Unlike some other businesses that quote you a price then say PLUS valves we do not do that, all hot water systems require a certain amount of valves that don’t come with the hot water system , so we include everything in our pricing, they are required and not including them in the price that is quoted is just a ploy to dazzle you with a slightly cheaper initial price then overcharge you on the valves.

Our hot water system installations include everything below  –

  • Tempering valve
  • Cold Water Expansion valve
  • Pressure reduction valve
  • Non Return Isolation valve
  • All pipe work fully insulated
  • Overflow drains to approved discharge point
  • QBCC Form 4 Council fees paid
  • Removal and disposal of your old hot water system

Click here to see a price comparison to a couple of other hot water businesses quoting prices and with their “extras” to match our installations, once again everything we include is required and can not be left out otherwise your installation is not up to Council regulations therefore your warranty will be compromised as well


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