300 litre Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water system SINGLE STOREY

Envirosun Ts Plus stainless steel solar hot water system

10 year tank warranty and 7 panel warranty

Prices include all valves with the installation as standard –

  • Tempering valve
  • Cold water expansion valve
  • Pressure reduction valve
  • NRI valve

Fully installed out of pocket price, payment plans are available on application

Prices are indicative when replacing a equivalent roof mounted solar hot water system

Please call SunCity Hot Water on 1300 728 122 for details and schedule times for installations

Envirosun TS Plus brochure

Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water system,
Envirosun solar hot water system, Ts Plus solar


Envirosun TS Plus Solar Hot Water Heater

Highest quality Type 444 European made Stainless Steel Cylinder with a 10 Year Warranty

Coated Aluminum framed and full copper manifolded solar panels, solid brass fittings also have a 7 year warranty

Fully installed prices including plumbing and electrical, council fees + QBCC form 4 submitted, disposal of your old solar hot water system and GST on a single storey home

Envirosun TS Plus brochure

#Prices are for replacement of a existing roof mounted solar hot water system  of any brand, single storey is classed where the gutter line is no higher than 3.0m from the ground
#Solar hot water system prices can vary from home to home and location
#Solar hot water system prices are quoted with the assumption that your existing plumbing and electrical meet regulations and safety standards


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